Userspace applications bring the actual functionality to embedded systems. Over the years, we have developed a wide range of applications utilizing various platforms, UI toolkits, web frameworks and signal processing libraries. Which software systems are selected for a given project depends on the specific requirements and are thoughtfully chosen in close consultation with the customer.

An important part of a system’s application is the user interface. It can employ many different elements, like local screens, web control interfaces or even haptic control elements like buttons. Our broad experience with each of them enables us to realize optimized solutions on the cutting edge of current technology.

In the embedded space a strong focus on efficiency and lightweight footprint is crucial for the whole software stack including the user interface application. By keeping this in mind from the very beginning of the design process we avoid hitting resource limitations later on, which can significantly impact the overall system performance.

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Screenshot of QML Based NVT-1212 On Screen Menu
NVT-1212 On Screen Menu, implemented in Qt5/QML.
What we support
  • Qt5/QML responsive & dynamic user interfaces
  • Touch based user interaction
  • Remote controllable menu systems
  • Gesture recognition
  • libVLC: Audio and video playback
  • ffmpeg: Audio and video en- & decoding
  • DVB tuning, channel search, etc.