Audio streaming generates more and more attention in the audio world nowadays and finds its way even into high quality audio systems with WiFi based streaming solutions. While peer to peer audio streaming through Bluetooth Audio is ideally suited for portable devices, WiFi based streaming services like Google Chromecast built-in or Spotify Connect bring more convenience into the home audio world and can deliver lossless sound quality that is on par with CD playback.

As official StreamUnlimited Engineering GmbH design partner we offer full service support for customized audio streaming solutions integrating most recent streaming technologies like Google Chromecast built-in, Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth Audio and Spotify Connect.

As authorized Microchip Technology Inc. design partner we offer full service support for Microchip’s Bluetooth based wireless streaming solutions and can help you with integrating their Bluetooth Audio modules into your design.
Our Reference WiFi Speaker integrates a full set of most recent audio streaming services to illustrate how modern streaming technology can be implemented in compact speaker designs. The Reference WiFi Speaker is a fully developed streaming speaker, which relies on our Audio Streaming Reference Carrier. The Audio Streaming Reference Carrier with integrated DSP and 2 x 20 W digital amplifier is also intended as a smart starting point for time and cost efficient customer developments.
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Reference WiFi Speaker
Reference WiFi Speaker
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