Even in highly connected embedded systems, there are numerous reasons to include small microprocessors to take care of certain tasks. Typical examples include power management, detached user I/O processing or interfacing to timing critical bus systems. In all of these situations advanced bare-metal development experience is needed to achieve robust, fast and secure firmware solutions.

Bare-metal software development is also essential to systems with critical real-time requirements. Most of our experience in this area is related to audio processing, including custom real-time DSP solutions, featuring ASRC, speaker crossover, and upsamling.
Being an official design partner for all XMOS Ltd products we can provide DSP integrated input interface solutions like USB Audio, AVB and voice interfaces employing microphone arrays in addition to classical DSP based audio processing.
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Bare-Metal software development
What we SERVE
  • Evaluation of suitable microprocessors, taking into account hardware and software requirements
  • C based microprocessor development
  • Interfacing between microprocessors and complex host systems
  • Real-time applications and interfacing
  • Real-time OS (RTOS) based systems
selection of microcontrollers We HAVE WORKED WITH SO FAR
    • USB Audio (Input and Output)
    • Audio DSP applications
    • S/PDIF Interface
  • General purpose microprocessors