Designing complex digital hardware systems requires a comprehensive conceptual approach, including the selection of the appropriate processors, memory and flash components as well as interface drivers. We have worked on designs incorporating various processor platforms, ranging from relatively simple ARM Cortex M0 to advanced architectures like ARM Cortex A7. Powerful processors need dedicated DDR memory, which requires highest standard PCB design, to ensure robust operation across broad temperature ranges.

Not only with memory interfaces, but in all digital hardware projects, EMC compliance is always an important topic to consider. With increasing signal frequencies, layout and design techniques like impedance matching, clean grounding concepts, and proper shielding become more and more important. After successfully passing CE and FCC compliance tests with several high-speed electronic systems we like to bring in our experience to support your digital hardware design project.

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What we serve
  • Platform selection and concept evaluating hard- and software requirements
  • ARM-based processor designs
    • Full design-in, including memory and flash storages
    • System-on-Module (SoM) based designs for cost-effective low to medium volume projects
  • DSP processors
  • High-speed signal distribution
    • DDR memory layouts
    • Ethernet
    • USB
  • High-speed clock distribution
  • Experience with all common bus systems
    • I2C, SPI, Single-Wire, etc.
  • High-speed video interface integration
    • HDMI
    • DSI, CSI
  • EMC compliant design and certification support