Powerful embedded Linux systems are omnipresent today. With growing dispersion of Linux based embedded devices, their maintainability and security gains more and more importance. Utilizing our longstanding experience with the entire embedded Linux ecosystem we can provide the perfect solution for any project.

Whenever we launch a project we do a thorough analysis of key aspects, be it performance, security, user interaction or a combination of these. Consequently, we decide how to most efficiently design the system to fit the customer’s requirements. Especially the long term maintainability is often not given enough credit to in embedded Linux systems. We do focus on it from the very beginning to ensure that the final product will be long lasting and mature.

For further information don’t hesitate to contact us and check out our showcase with our most recent projects!

Buildroot configuration menu, showing custom kernel
Buildroot configuration
What we Serve
  • Linux kernel
    • Board specific configurations & device-trees
    • Custom driver development (all subsystems)
    • Maintaining custom LTS and vendor release based trees
    • Contribute changes to upstream kernel
  • Platform builders
    • Buildroot, Yocto/OpenEmbedded
      • Custom overlays for customer projects
      • Core extensions
      • Maintaining security updates
      • Contribute changes to upstream project
A selection Of Recent Projects
  • Linux kernel
    • nVidia Tegra (L4T): Maintaining a 3.10 LTS synchronized tree for various customers
    • RaspberryPi: Maintaining ports for several RasperryPi Compute Module based products
    • Driver development: Various DACs and ADCs, OLED displays, SoC components
  • Platform builders
    • Buildroot
      • Board Support Package for nVidia Tegra K1 SoMs
      • Production tree for jusst NV-series products
      • Production tree for several customer projects
  • u-boot
    • Ported u-boot to various nVidia Tegra K1 boards
    • Customized u-boot versions for RaspberryPi Compute Module setups