Proper prototyping and a systematic bring-up are the final steps of every electronic design project. A lot of time can be lost if either the prototype assembly is not accurate or the bring-up process isn’t thoroughly prepared. In the worst case badly prepared bring-ups can even lead to severe damage of the prototype. To avoid unwanted surprises, we would like to support you in the final steps of your hardware project and contribute our experience in accurate prototyping and well controlled bring-ups.

Apart of a well-prepared electronic bring-up it is equally important to have a bring-up ready software available once electronic prototypes are available. To ensure this each of our projects is operated in close interaction of hardware and software engineers from the very beginning. This allows software engineers to prepare the required bits while the electronic design matures and even enables early spotting of software related issues with certain hardware components.

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What we serve
  • Prototype assembly
  • Bring-up strategies
  • Complete bring-ups
  • Fault tracing and debugging
  • Involving software engineering at any time