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jusst.engineering specializes in delivering awesome customized engineering solutions for consumer and industrial electronics, aviation, and medical systems, supported by a strong partner network.

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Who we are

About Us

jusst is a family-run business founded 2005 in Hamburg during University education and has operated full time since 2013.

During the first decade, we focused on professional AV systems with a complete range of IP-based audio, video and DVB streaming solutions, employed by customers across Europe. For more information visit jusst.de.

Over the years, technical consulting has become an increasingly important business sector from which jusst.engineering arose. We have supported various customers operating in consumer and industrial electronics, aviation and medical systems. In late 2015 jusst.engineering partnered up with Microchip Technology Inc., becoming JukeBlox design partner for Central Europe. Since then, we have supported established audio brands as well as emerging startups in concept, design and development of audio streaming devices.

In mid 2017 another important partnership was formed with StreamUnlimited Engineering GmbH enabling us to offer Google Chromecast built-in streaming solutions to our customers.

What we stand for

Reliability, research, knowledge, flexibility, and empathy are the values we believe in.
We do not follow ideologies, but try to sense the best solution realizable with today’s technological resources.
We deliver what we promise.

How we work

All our work arises from expertise and understanding of the fundamental context, enabling us to develop custom solutions optimally suited for each task.
We are always ready to talk, are target-oriented and strive to satisfy our customers with the most efficient and reliable solution.
Precise analysis, thorough consulting, and accurate realization are the three attributes we bring into every project.

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